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Camera batteries - what not to do

Do not use a camera on low battery. Most memory card data loss happens when there is some type of interruption in the read/write process (transferring of data onto the card). Inreal world terms, that means that your camera was not shut down properly. So, when you notice that the battery icon on your camera starts flashing change the battery immediately. If your camera simply runs out of batteries while you are taking a photo, the risk of corrupting the memory card is very high. When a memory card gets corrupted, you can no longer access the photos saved on it. Turning off the camera before the photo files are completely saved to the memory card, or removing the memory card from the camera while files are being saved on it may also cause corruption of the memory card.

f stop

Big holes let in lots more light so you can use much faster shutter speeds and get sharper images.





Previous tips 


Interested in underwater photography - check out the Western Australian Underwater Photographic Society.  Tammy Gibbs, the president, presented to the club recently and it was a great night and very interesting even for those of us that might not want to take up this type of photography.  You can also check out her website.


Google has 'Search by Image' which will allow you to search the web for locations or images by using an image.

Using this functionality you might be able to find the name of that place you went to but you just can't remember the name of. Or you might see a picture of a place, bird or animal and want to know more.  Put this image into Search by Image and see what you can find. If you think you own an image that has been used inadvertently without your permission you might be able to track it down. Have a play with this tool, you never know what you might be able to do with it.


One way to get a photo with everyone in the group with their eyes open is to have everyone close their eyes until you say OPEN, taking the photo as you say it.

Get down on their level - animals and children

To get great shots of children and animal try taking the picture by holding your camera at their eye level.  The subject doesn't necessarily need to be looking at the camera.  You are much more likely to get that aahhhh moment by capturing their expression when you are face to face rather than aiming the camera down from a standing position.

Read your camera's instruction manual

It is said that you need to read the manual three times.  Why three?  Because if generally takes three attempts for us to connect to the information. Try the following.

Read the manual through completely.
Read the manual and find the knobs, dials and functions on the camera.
Read the manual and practice with the camera.

Camera cleaning

Don't forget to clean your camera regularly.  If you need some help why not have a look at these You Tube videos.

Have you been done to the beach lately or out in those awful winds we have had in the last couple of weeks?  Then it might be a good idea to get your camera cleaned professionally.  Contact companies such as Camera Electronics or Camera House.

Where to get help when taking photos

There is an enormous amout of information on the web which you can sift through. You can access You Tube for help on taking photos or to perfect a technique.  Watching a video can make it much easier for those of us that need the visual support.

You can also go to your local library. You can access everything from a 'dummy's guide' to full on Photoshop techniques. If your library doesn't have what you are looking for get on the library database, find out what is available and ask for an inter-library loan.

Christmas lights - outdoor shots

You will need a tripod.  Pick the golden half hour before the sun sets. Too early and the lights will be washed out and too late you won't get the surrounding setting.

Set your camera White Balance to tungsten. (If you don't know how check the manual.) Keep the ISO low around 100-200. Aperture Priority Mode is probably the easiest setting. Start at f8 with the camera setting the shutter speed. Take a series of photos over the time and adjust the camera settings if necessary. If using the Manual setting again take a shot the adjust the camera settings accordingly.

Print your photos!

It is great to have photos online but is there really anything better than looking at, and handling your photos.
Store them in a photo box, photo sleeves or an album.  (Make sure that your storage items are photo safe.)